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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 5/15/15

Fri, 15 May 2015|

Weyerbacher Brewmaster Chris Wilson and Head Brewer Scott Bicksler with Tarte Nouveau and Sunday Morning Stout on 'the Buzz!'



  1. Barry Bonds1:37
  2. Easton Pennsylvania1:21
  3. Chris Wilson12:47, 1:25
  4. brew master12:47
  5. SNL1:46
  6. mark bunker2:11
  7. brewing company1:24
  8. imported Beers12:58, 0:36
  9. Teracopy11:48
  10. Airpwn9:53

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I wanna. 45 minutes before 9 o'clock now as a morning news and western Nancy MW OK another two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award and the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press. Broadcasters association award promoting than advancing the question micro brew culture northeast Pennsylvania it's another addition of him. Friday. I'm hearing ourselves a Friday nearly as hard by seventeen he's pizza next to they're one of the area's greatest collections of aircraft. And imported Beers rallies in twelve rotating drastic Sabatini speed so Wyoming avenue. In exit or Olindo seventies here Ayman Al hello Hawaii I saw your picture in the newspaper Lindo and did you like it yes. We get that we have the Dusan talking about the big new facility here and let me Eric that's beautiful thing I. Bill for my B earbuds that come of course happy Friday happy friend you're already got the door into the no we didn't it's an amazing place and more we're gonna blow it out here you just stay tune in the next couple week harder working on an opening date it's going to be amazing outstanding can't wait so I love what the studio looks like today. Because it's a it's it's rife with fear and it looks like the Christmas showing here rife everywhere and that's that's always a good thing right from the got to honor him right. And we are friends joining us us from Easton Pennsylvania one of our favorites from wire barker brewing company today we have Chris Wilson. And Scott picks are gay. And evidence. I'm back guys. First I guess we should mention that this is sort of our official fifth anniversary show for the Friday Barry Bonds hit than ever they are growing it is tradition that we have Chris come up because we sort of share an anniversary. He sort of like our old you don't like our Alex Baldwin of SNL host. Thanks yeah. Yeah I think he's got the record he's either going to the record or got the record for most appearances on the show and I know you keep very close track with so does number wind what show would be we are on show number. So we're celebrating our fifth anniversary five years ago we started this humble little show. But these guys are celebrating something a little bit bigger than that mark bunker is celebrating twenty years blue and that's right Tony years since it's pretty cool and India and what have you learned in twenty years had. I'd like some learned a little at a yeah. So they're doing a special Wii we is not ready for today's show but we should mention that you're doing a special twentieth anniversary beer. And I subtle label but tell us a little bit about the beer. It's Belgian strong jail so it's almost pitch black grilled multi. Blood touch of spice characters so we know there's a little bit the Korean journalists RS so it's that's background flavor. We're looking for some weird you totally different you strain we usually used for mills and so and so like for Mary monks is older fruit in this console that Africa should be always cleaner and and smoother and we anticipate and I was coming relatively soon though than know weeks yes happily releases and in June as long as we do our jobs that we'll have had to. And a label on it pays homage to all of your previous did that his characters from your labels are all sort of bomb hidden around in this labeled right most most good and bad to them. Customers had to do you know some you can't do everything right. They just completed a brew house expansion should give us an update on the new bra size I saw the size and I'm tired I can't wait to see the amount of beer coming out of it. Yeah its beautiful it's we installment in. Wolf certain selling in November last year sort of brewing the ball reveres as of February this year. So we're getting we're turning the bureau over so every three or four hours so we can we can smash and six times a day at this point it's forty barrel system that's correct yes sets that's big they're working literally mash unit got six guys yeah. I try to do and and I have my favorite news is now the the tasting room is allowed to serve and sell pints. That's correct yeah we've been sullen finds known for maybe a little over a month. I don't know it's good you can come in you can go four rounds. Twelve ounce or sixteen ounce of low lower ABB Beers weren't positive if you wanna come and you try like some luck though higher octane Beers. You can control element small amounts olds are reasonable price and did you draw a lot of meters and I. I always tell people the wire barker is one of my favorites source and it was because you sort of got a bottomless taster company and senator that's true how we. I'm not you really could sample anything you wanted as many times as you wanna we really had a great time every time we do it I have family lives five minutes away so we're and we're not a alienating anyone really are your assembly the same thing seventeen time noted earlier and I'm not only urea here and there. There's a guy there I call on the mirror of wire barker he's there every time I hit Herrick. He was suggesting blends of things they tried this with this and you figure out what that is and welcome and I can while I'm there which I think is it is it is a great experience and I'm I'm excited to go down and do that now. We have several beer combinations today we should break into them. On the first we're going to try today is called wire barker to art nouveau. Time. Love you are not even bears his dad just. I look I love you couple. Kyle's. That's dedication to wire barker. But I love you too. So target target those kind of mundane unique DR no was based sort of loosely on Zulu ironic how much how much it matches who I don't know but tell us about heart nouveau. It's art nouveau is our and you're around three point 9% a sessions our rears cattle and cattle. It's hello soured heck yeah over the weekend and then for rent it out normally it's really just a nice light bodied secrecy refreshing beer. Ken and they they tell you there's been kettles soured. I have to ask my opportunity I bet him. And and how our fifth this is you sort of eight there are some packaging challenges with its packaging and bottling a sour beer with your packaging line and tell us how this played into that. Yeah well you know due to the factory using an elective still senate. To something you know bacteria that would not normally not be good to put in the bottle break. We do all the Sarin in the cattle and we do very quick boil or attitude basically past present or kill off all that yeah. And then and then we put an end trenor and friend I would regular east. I'm so that means that basically it's totally bottle safe it's not going to prevent any more in the bottles are doing in any more sour in the model. Totally shelf stable. So there was you don't learn in different technique and that's and hearing new ways so that. Only challenge this is a really nice beer really refreshing. I had three point 9% really session of all that's sort of the buzz word now on the industries and really session will be your low ABV I think it's a great summer beer but I suspect I'd be just as happy with the middle winner. Yeah let's go all your roundup it's was also one of the favorites of all you people working at Denver is well you have after your shift. Long day you don't necessarily always on a 9% Beers so bad here and there. Pretty quick to go I think it's enters into that did the the lack don't mess bacillus we got news this hour that you didn't kill that these so good to avoid the like I had if I can activity overdose and he ticked unnecessary casualty effective via his ultimate since Scott just got promoted to head over here and and so. Winning those guys as I said her does that mean you get to ended descent I said I'm so did he were sample more on the job. Well I would try to limit that the Christian bloggers. I. Did. Assemble all the Mears feels a responsibility for equality mirror those are excellent that frees up Christmas time there's the QA the mere mention that the advisory tonight. A lot of men I ever. We have a second version of art nouveau and this is one I actually I sampled it. But sands orange juice about a Jamaican a little bit of a blend here. But it's a blood orange version of art nouveau and too bad blood orange version of tartan vote we've made him the most sept. And we haven't come up with a reasonable named -- answer is gonna call it blood orange start. No memos just a kid for the area that's catchy that was real club error could show us how to. That's my culture and how my thinking cap on. Asia and drinking yeah you need assured partner for that yeah what have you the other so you know it's probably an obvious question here but how does this peer prior to us making in my most out of it how does it change from the regular art nouveau it's actually exactly the same beer. We just ahead. 600 need plus pounds so club large bureaus to a mere. During fermentation so it gives it a real big. Disinterested punch and a man this is a wreck. Right here baby are you kidding displays names up when music and drink in the morning tomorrow on whether you go yeah yeah needed from the previous night aura. I need I mean. We'll talk how. How do you settle in on 650 pounds you know is it it's kind of like they have 500 doesn't seem like enough in 700 isn't excessive yeah. Oh just trying to learn from other from other sour fruit beer not producers and knowing that a certain pounds per barrel is really relies comes from so us. It we owe so much noise can be known in Belgium might dump on six times this amount they ask I get so little pricey but yeah. The trust they get Doug where you can definitely get the care to a fruit. While still I didn't care for the mirror. Well along with a. We've we've only you know we've only dented the surface of mixing Beers and making sort of a beer cocktail like this in this one I think is my absolute favorite we did. They. Chocolate stout with Vanilla ice cream which was. Pretty awesome you know on them and we did we mean Airpwn Shandi Cyrus you remember that show we had janitors is pretty Heredia is all. There was like is that right and some other blogger com. But this is really awesome I'm really want to stick to complement these two we've come up with something that is completely opposite of perfect for breakfast. This is a relatively new beer from wire barker this is called Sunday morning style pen and I got to tell AF. I love the style beer I love this this boy and a beer tell us about Sunday morning style this one's a little bit bigger. Yeah I'm assuming a little bit of mud shocked irritates those up for having a very lights body light flavored beer. Citizens of big eleven point 3%. American style there's been aged and Berman barrels was a local locally roasted coffee at a so was this just smells delicious throughout the intensity gap get a smells like a dream come true to go to its chewy it's really really nice fear he gets its name. Because it's it's and the last beer you have. You don't Saturday night or the first 1 Sunday morning hey. And unlike the three point nine person any BV of the art nouveau relatives varieties we've done here disgruntled slightly slightly bigger bet. America eleven point 3% is yeah yes definitely get a nice little little wake up in the morning and we'll get right now it's just it's a pretty good to us a since my copyright. Yeah this is seriously. The miss and he agreed Sunday morning and I fear you know really Sunday afternoon and suburban notes come up and at the cost he really is prominent in attendance and the bases the base out and this just bouncing on my Syria were all happy when he leave the equality that coffee flavors it's not bidder like. You are roasted hot coffee yeah he's so. We've utilizes. Method as opposed to like colds keeping the union like ice coffee down that it doesn't have that bitter quality then you can really tell you know there are some coffee Beers that they just throw Teracopy into the beer. You can tell a beer like this one that there's an art in the roasting of the coffee any anything new on burst select. Front coming up. Yeah actually we've had some difficulty getting the brewers like done this year vs I'm just gonna opponent only brew house our first one. Well actually be released a gen Philly beer week is coming up on those 33 weeks two weeks first Julian. And it's gonna be a hopped check pills so it's a little bit out Amare we'll also do a second longer. That we've ever made that we released one last year and into the Buick so we like the idea something drinkable for us ago and I works a whole week in bars so. Yeah and and you can get all these Beers and Moran Sabatini so if you wanna try any these were also the tallest packaging for tiny if you wanna check it out get on this afternoon. Right and stuff joining the chart nouveau and abnormally would you take the hallowed name orange tart nouveau memos on Friday and Sunday mornings out. I'm an expert the head brewer Chris Wilson brew master gentlemen thank you thank you hear here I think or use our way. Sure we'll see you again. The WLK Friday your bus powered by Sabatini speeds one of the area's greatest collections of aircraft and imported Beers. My hours and twelve rotating too acid Sabatini speed so Wyoming avenue and exit are trying to do about bringing good Beers and good people together well. It's not. Yeah Emma.