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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 3/03/17

Fri, 3 Mar 2017|

Evil Smoosh! Joe Percoco from Søle Artisan Ales teams up with Jeppe Jarnit Bjergsø from Evil Twin and you wish you were me!



  1. brew master2:57
  2. West Coast8:31
  3. East Coast8:33
  4. Lehigh Valley5:33
  5. Bob Meyer0:55
  6. Good Friday0:19
  7. Matt good11:49
  8. Mel Levine9:28
  9. Valentine's Day0:49
  10. heart institute11:08

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we have been please oh season broadcast and where the two time winner of the penalty Associated Press broadcast association awards. Promoting and advancing the craft. And Michael Coulter northeast Pennsylvania it's another edition. Good Friday your most paradise Sabatini pizza and seventeen Donald shop and bar in Exeter. I'll what is the area's greatest selections of brain aircraft in imported Beers rallies in calloused hand pump. In 36 irritating drafts. Seventeen east pizza. In seventeen he's got a shot the bar Wyoming avenue and instead are. All right and this even before we get the ball rolling here we have we have listen don't wanna say hello to Bob Maier in the game on postcards and send my federal building. Fans can listen here's a member of listening for Valentine's Day arrow there on the evacuated. So we and then there was the the nation should be treated as a Bob Meyer and again now post I was everything I think Bob's window seventy in the studio to good morning Galindo the star of the printed page now big an excellent article India the two Scranton times in the citizens' voice earlier this week I was about seventeen he's bottled chopper bar in the crown winner I don't know what boards are much. They didn't come and ask him bunch of questions now and have pretty there was an excellent article and they I gotta say you look very photogenic there at the crawler machine guilin when they were interviewing me. On video I didn't realize that video was going to be playing hard. That's an aid for all her our little remember what you said there was online video and then he wasn't SI your video. Easy. Excellent and I was a good great article that bill for my beer buzz and company Friday hobby trying to do just. I just for the record they actually evacuated the state Meyer. Building. They old Kara was there remains in fact yeah that's probably Agnes. We have a guest joining us yeah we don't he has come up from Ime asked Pennsylvania bio Pittston Pennsylvania Sarra. Returning for the fourth or fifth time at least we have from Seoul artisan nails we have jumper cocoa over I don't know learning about each of Nigeria is it true there's actually a tunnel between mayors and interest in the yeah that's right where you we merged for I just get on the turnpike closed my eyes. It's a pipeline actually there's just a tap at the end we fell well so I saw I had this big thing planned this is our 365. Show and I I had had an all wound up that you know will we followed Joseph since 2012 yet I feel like we've tuned in and watched Joseph grow up. And I had this big thing like let him go idea at all there. It's showed 365. We've seen things come full circle and the idea that is T yeah. Yeah a year show this and that and then I realized that's the hero of the year I year of the matter the number of days and you're not the number of degrees and a circle. Come. But anyway we we senior come from from from beginning to where you were not even old enough to drink beer and you're brew master. You've you've gone literally all over the world and all over the place to land at your own theory is more excited by that and you know we just upfront have to thank you for letting us fall thanks. Heard argument I am really appreciate it and it's been a lot of fun yeah some big ES been a journey for me. You know kind of had every type of bring job and and now getting to do that I finally. You don't have dreamt of all along is is really nice and food really plays a role minions and yes for sure guinier story got sidetracked as an alcoholic I really want to go to culinary school. And I made a career mistake to jail yet oh. Salads are nearly as fun no I think I think people look at peer. You know for a long time as as that really fun beverage but I look at it in a very you know culinary. It's from very culinary point of view and and I want peer to sort of be treated like you know. Fine dining and and food is. And and and I think you don't really really interesting job without whom with ingredients thank you hum. You started sold 2015. Ashe yet it's it's two years ago in January on paper but this may will be celebrating our second year on how. Which is time flies has phony I really has to tell people where the name came from. Yes so we sat down and we were brainstorming a few different names and you know starting out as a Gypsy bird. We really wanted to you know pay tribute to. The people inspired us one of them being evil twin you know yet they got from evil twin so we threw that Booth. Or the you know oh with a line through it in there and and that character plus L Booth. Is actually beer in the Danish language down so that was our tribute to yet they end. Finally getting to brew beer is yet they releasing this weekend is like a dream come true for me and kind of you know really interest in story behind itself. Yeah that's I'm excited you know just watching the photos it was exciting to see that going on the northeast PA I think it was a huge event and and we've got the beer and we'll get to that I think that's really exciting. Tell us first. About east and there's so you're you're gonna do something yes so for for two years have been a Gypsy brewery town but we haven't really been able to capitalize on the retail space we. You know that's typically the strongest point of any birdie and the best opportunity for British really connect to its customers. And we only get to do these pop ups every you know two or three weeks at Susquehanna which is awesome. But we wanna do that more often and kind of not only give you beer to give you an entire customer experience so. We're opening a bar model shop in downtown east and on the corner of one of the busiest. You know streets in the Lehigh Valley. As well as 20000 square foot production Marie so we can start our you know extensive sour merrily programs well. Production very I like the sound of that I've we're gonna and we would miss you appear but yes these things on that far away it's not that far away and and you know we've been driving appear for awhile we'll still do a couple things Susquehanna models here and there sure fun. It's not that far what's what's the timing. We're shooting for late April from our model and then sometime this summer for the production very it's a really soon get really soon. More size brew house about thirty barrel so it's not too big not too small it's a nice size we want to put a lot of stock and barrel so. It's good size when we've had guests in the studio lower in the very beginning stages of setting up something's like you're talking about generally speaking they mentioned red tape. At any anything like that in the new way your hasn't been as smooth go now I mean it's it's pretty smooth dom we have a good team of people good lawyer couldn't figure out everybody involved and people working with the state keep working with the state just had an interview the other day lawyer's office servers license and yup I've done this. You know between the consulting company and on my own with other people there may be eleven times and yourself hook while it's about time they are excellent and thirty barrel among small that that's that's a pretty big hurry that's he has written a lot of dear Tom I mean but when you put in them. In perspective will do can release yet also thirty barrels a Kansan an hour and a half kept we really shouldn't go. Below that no I agree I agree we we see a lot of breweries that do for Merrill seven barrel then ten barrel then fifteen barrel and ultimately they end up. Yeah Diener higher I mean I I've seen it all but you know for the past thirteen years we've amber and on a fifty Merrill system with the smallest and being a hundred barrel so. Due in 34 Beers now we can do maybe twelve Beers month so that's possibly it gives us the ability do variety but he's got goosebumps risk feeding of probably twelve Beers had. We have three in front of us let's let's start first with the good good let the first words that name come from for good god good good. A prussian telly it's a subtle but hey. Reference sang reference to let us here it's just. Very and really lead that the idea was to producer really dank and resonance I PA and handed out in February last year. I'm good good the original and I brought it back 2.0. We did use some hops that we're able to get now we weren't able to get them through as just a super juicy resonance dank dot like Peter comes in and 9%. That's really really nice fear. Compact and you can hear you call in northeast IPA let's let's talk about that style itself yes you're all over the map with that style yeah I mean I kind of the first time we called a mere northeast IPA I was laughing internally because. And this is the northeast Pennsylvania I want to making northeast Pennsylvania I PA asked a kind of pays tribute to the stuff gone up in Vermont but face you know. The origins of that Siler you know not really accredited to anyone regions thought to be a funny play on words. It's characterized by hazy gears typically characterized by sometimes fruity Beers. And and their West Coast buries now doing East Coast and northeast each area we had a camera Giles for pineapple smush Ager about fur flew out right now elated to Revere and us because they like the cells as well the fact am carriage really cool interest being California marina Sammy a couple things really interesting -- Good good may be he is 9% 9% yet it's a big boy it's gonna get your attention via com. We also have one we have to talk about the name first here and it's it's supporter. And it's called naked yoga and before Joseph tells us the origin of the name I would recommend you not that Google that on an image search and pay you. Yoga noted. All right you were held area you'll like it Joe's BR well will be entertaining. I will have to fill out the name for naked you and make it yoga is a fun little inside joke between harboring. But I brewery production manager Matty and his girlfriend we will tell you to our I have had. But we differ Valentine say we kind of labeled as an aphrodisiac Porter with the Dutch cocoa when Mel Levine cayenne pepper cinnamon and I really like you know spicy hot chocolate kind of repairs or I guess I'm not really my. Toss and elect us. Creamy soft now feel a little bit of Biden in media a media on this one this Sunday. See ya I don't are sexy bare this. Our next one is one I'm really excited about because you brought the FB. To northeast PA yeah okay you know ms. evil twin brother of the color and Mickell from the Keller Jeff beyond. And you did a thing called evil smooth shallow rooted not thought Longo Q now do you until three weeks ago I'm at Susquehanna it's really funny. Some Amman NC Graham and I get a message and it's from yet they you know. Guy is an inspiration to me I've been dreams fears for as long he's been around I ask and he said came in pineapple swoosh sounds like a really nice fear. And as that was it first time ever around us every shot said Fleming and thanks a lot where you live I'll ship you want. Capitalism Brooklyn I'm like well that's not that far away when I get the car bring your nearest you hey. And we got to talking and we're at as far Torsten Brooklyn and we figured it would be a great fit to brew beer together Harvard evil smush it's. I can't pronounce it it's a Danish tongue twister but there's something that is strawberry rhubarb in Danish and it's very popular in their culture to try to get foreigners to say it. That was the inspiration behind the spears so it's a felt like PA if we are trying to say at the ethanol I don't even I couldn't even begin he said don't even tried to yeah. So so it's a double IP a condition on strawberry strawberry rhubarb. Vanilla bean and milk sugar or lactose and is trying to. Excellent really really nice heart institute had strawberry character for release at this weekend 9 AM and Susquehanna bring company. I'm the star parking cars at 3 AM I think this is going to be. Com yeah I think there's Seattle area very few have created something that there are area has not seen you've created this excitement in this ground swell at Susquehanna that has just been amazing people lining up at five and 6 in the morning on a Sunday Marianne and sometimes in bad weather in the hundreds of people have. I know I say this area I mean it anywhere you don't really see. This many people lining up and that then that and then more and more so than the line the vibe out. The wind and is just turned into a great community of people wanna come out Matt good beer. Yes kind of like a big family I am I really am so appreciative to my customers will come around and wait in the cold to you don't buy it a case of beer is relatively Spencer event and it enables me to brew the Beers had a dream about and you know put a lot brew and expensive beer and know that there's a support group out there to crawl. You know support us what we do so I'm eternally grateful which is while power in Orange vests and park cars at drill. It's really Rihanna case this without ever actually in Carolina on Sunday Mary thank you for your idea and it. He was in motion now and so let's Sunday morning of course are Susquehanna the rollout yesterday yup Linda we're gonna see some of this in your place to look at some point yes it's having this Sunday after its after the really Slovakia outstanding form all right we're gonna come. You people shadows of our FaceBook alive talking about how great your place. How else cool that's really thank you shorelines we're doing evil smush the collaboration between Joseph here jumper Coco and and yet be armed guards so cool cool are. Love doesn't look good naked yoga here the last I think our boy get thank you us. Does Debbie while gave Friday near must start by Sabatini pizza and seventeen these bottle shop and barred eggs that are what are the areas greatest selections over aircraft in imported Beers. Relishing colors him pumped and 36 rotating drastic. As Sabatini speech sense Sabatini spinal shop and bar Wyoming avenue exit. I care about bringing good isn't good people together. Yeah. Yeah. There.