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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 3/10/17

Fri, 10 Mar 2017|

While Lindo's in Denmark, we hold down the fort with some Bell's Hopslam, a Friday Beer Buzz favorite!



  1. Sugar Ray11:36
  2. east meets west3:24
  3. Barley wine3:40
  4. brew master8:44
  5. Kalamazoo Michigan6:55
  6. West Coast3:28, 8:18
  7. Sierra Nevada2:51, 4:22
  8. Krispy Kreme1:21
  9. double life10:36, 11:01
  10. Pat's day2:42

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm gonna roll Wilson be at all and tree several extra seconds who. News. All. And our studio daily festooned in the holiday fashion here. Time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award to promote and advance the culture in northeast Pennsylvania this is another edition of. In the Friday beer buzz paradise Sabatini pizza seventeen he's bottle shock and gardening sitter. I'll one of these areas greatest does collections of rare crafting imported Beers. Really think how lazy I hint. That's easy when your. Turning the corner there's. At 36 receiving grabbed seventeen Stephens seventeen most of them are Wyoming avenue and eggs an hour and a seventeen year. Do not care OK okay yeah and he's actually in pink opening as opening as a Copenhagen Asian. I think there are native in Copenhagen but he's in Denmark get a bill from my dear buzz IAA happy Friday every Friday we we rehab and a party and drinking a blog or even though I hope you don't especially. I ask. Strained our heads out to be in the Krispy Kreme grew to that dinner party yeah how cool is that they deliver donuts right to your door as ice. Yeah we we should mention them Lindo and Joseph per cocoa our guests from last week are actually in Copenhagen been following along see the pictures on FaceBook competitor and a nice time and they took some evil smush that was the the collaboration brew that Joseph did whisked yuppie kind of beer actually being introduced in Denmark yes that's Gonchar decorum on exactly what the event was I was is since Joseph and I go under the Copenhagen. Oh we cannot not. So if people catch us on our FaceBook video you we did ask folks if they have any ideas and suggestions for next weeks and asked save Patrick stay in right. Agent of the Friday near ground. 'cause the parades this weekend but they'll say Patrick they've actually a week today next Friday is the seventeenth and that's Saint Patrick's Day yes so we're taking your suggestions you can comment on the live video that's going on right now analysts dungy link is Ari added 20 suggest. Has he had his openness that might be of interest there what do you think aloud well we'll find out I'm thinking here's my idea death Jennie green mail cause it's a green can. That's true. There are naturally green Beers there are here enrolling were actually green here yeah there aria off and Tom makes one that's naturally green and that's a little odd to drink. But I'm not ensure we can really get it I don't know we'll we'll see do we have not chosen the beer for next week down so next we tried opening it is saint Pat's day so you know the guy you will take our guy else's email whatever text however you wanna do so we we have a BetaNews today okay and the news comes from Sierra Nevada zones heard about. Does a thing called beer camp and they do it every year. And we've talked about we've we've lobbied Brian Grossman again how their we have Craig pleaded move we've done everything we have that's true. And we've not been on it yet I'm ashamed detention Brian and Ken Grossman come. But they they're doing his thing now that's called beer camp across the world blaster they did appear camp across America and they co brewed a bunch of Beers with a bunch of American breweries us this year they're doing beer camp across the world and we have this lineup OK so they're doing something called ginger logger with Shirley. They're doing east meets west IPA with treehouse brewing. They're doing West Coast double IPA with bone yard doing the way they're doing camp out Porter with garage project brewing. They're doing a lit Atlantic vintage can help with colors in in the UK. They're doing dry hops Barley wine with Avery of course they got to do the big Beers and Avery had us raspberry sundae. With the brewery days dry hop Berliner vice was seen Arnold out of Texas. Dumb call by swift I anger if you've ever heard of guys jump every shot and hopped Belgian golden with doable. Y eight IPA with the Koichi together do a lot of beer I had no that's that's a Japanese curry and the last one is high TH AI Thai iced tea with michalak while. And so that's gonna come out on a variety pack. One hot towel and it and it's a make a variety case yeah it is Jeff how and it seems to be a mix of bottles and cans so should be really interesting package ever really so figure it out it does Sierra Nevada and a guy that's unbelievable so we have across the world we have an event coming up at Sabatini spread I gotta say this is the first and Lindell has not been here at. It to say the event Beers and talk about the event we'll talk about it and I had to rewrite it in larger print on economize has not been able see in the dark in the studio. On the way. Special theatrical lighting bill. Don't you know we have every right and we'll look at that side and hitting well elect Barack microscope I rewritten globally so it's next week it's it's march 15 at someone's the united sounds it's a typical stabs event this one is bells brewery though so it's all bells beer. At the pizza shop and start to get their 430 or five if you wanna get a table it's hard to get a table after like six or 630 okay I'm they're having logger Blake's double cream style 2014. Expedition stopped Travers CD 355. East stuff to -- never even heard but he won't. Todd Travers city thirtieth anniversary stout these are all undrafted concentrator double bock. How slam of course and cow havens right dale. Have never heard of that on how and seeing it on draft that sounds. Then at 7 PM they're capping effort enough to hearted tale though if you've ever had to order nailed the first and it is stand tabbed Elizabeth somewhat. An effort to ensure it's crazy is you are really really good. Then at 9 o'clock you go over to the bar bottle shop and their having too hard and nail on draft third coast pale on draft 20143. Coast cold ill on draft. Black note Trevor city Neptune and again the Travers city 355 east out this time with. Manila oh man that's got this coming Wednesday the fifteenth it is yeah insert at to get 35 carts not too early to get there it's not that the fur can taps at 7 PM June if you wait till 7 PM to come in and try to get a seat you will probably not going to be partying in the us so well like I. Okay and it it it's a really fun time you can walk across a parking lot to the other place and have few more Beers over there it's a lot of different bills beards you'll never try any of these beer saw the untapped crazy people. You know get there in the B chicken he's in like crazy scored double points on these hate. I think anybody that he had double badges so it's nice. We have a beer with us today and then it's only fitting that we're doing this beer because we do this to be here and I think every year. I think I'll admit I'm maybe I should admit that I like this fear alive and so every year I do it's my excuse to go get some of the and enjoy it on the air are beard today of course and not on your billed as the Iowa. Of course it comes from Khaled Kalamazoo Michigan comes from bells who muted their sponsoring this event. And I could not resist we are doing 2017. Belts how slam cops slam and you brought a seventies Crowley he. How well they they the bottles are long gone down base they sell out in January early February their long long gone. Mishaps as it on draft I actually went and got this last week because Linda said it's not going the last decade they have before the event is not going to last. So it doesn't last very long. On this will be on draft at the event at that sounds on the fifteenth. I'd recommend you get on draft it's great embalmed straighten cans but it is fabulous on draft you know we've been enjoying it there's about ten after six or. We we Nokia bells is is the oldest brewery. West of our east of the Mississippi the oldest brewery curry yeah weight the old breed easily listen I miss him go get. Founded in 1983 is home brew shop doesn't Kalamazoo brewing today followed by Larry bell we've had Larry on if you're remember Larry we got him to admit that he played all brawn and we got we do a line from a mid summer's the had you remember just stolen our classic through Larry of course won't talk to us now I thought. A westerly to. But the bells started they've they've been around for a long long time. They were supersede about the West Coast in Colorado buries bug but as far as how many east they were they were earliest cut his daughter Laura now who runs the place on our officially the CEO. Pomp and Larry has stayed on as president now if you follow Larry bell on FaceBook and you can. Mary's at Larry's right now is in Texas and there's a business reason for that but Larry is normally like in the bahama. You know I was gonna say they're happy something's being like them brew master emeritus you know where you haven't. As but you're not often in and do because he's traveling around the way he what's he do and in Texas. They're launching in Texas so I'm looking they have been a new beer called MI right or Amarillo. Than. And that's for their Texas launch and and there are there and Hai yah I don't know how many states there are a lot of states but they're they're launching now in Texas. So I thought Larry would be shown off pictures of Larry pouring Beers are like Larry showing off pictures of of Texas barbecue run for the passion. Like quintessential Texas things that generally mean thing to do with deer rebels. Based on their for the launch day here live on Mars can you gotta get get points for that he has banned staunchly family family family and he has resisted a lot of buyouts and resisted a lot of attempts to sell portions of the company your cell distribution rights. He knew he wants it to be a family business started as a home brew shop and a family business. He wants to pass it on and keep it a family business and and you got to give him credit because you know. That someone would hand him a check that would have yeah you know and the neighbors are doing exactly that to a lot of places or their their way our wave of big money into people's noses this idea we may gray beard but he's a billion yeah. Callahan and and that number is not unrealistic as something like bells that's a very realistic for something as big as bell Jeff. Why distribution neck network really really big sales. And and so we you know we're we're proud and honored to see him stay out stay independents and state and we don't know they're gonna be the new the new byword announced that a craft it's going to be independent and family owned. Tom well I'll slam only tell you that I enjoyed every. I am a drop by half slammed it. Yes he agency was drooling over the us now are so this is that it only guest is an awesome god. Doesn't it is really really good beer this is fueling this a double life getting. And so did ha this is all candor perfume here with a we have we should mention the ground or you can get the mishaps that so we have it's a 32 ounce can that they Persia with CO2. Then they filling with fear and and they seal it and then they take a nice fine point marker you can actually nothing but a big fat marker that there tells us clamp. How it's a double life PA it's got the most complex hopping schedule of any bells beer and I'm I'm guessing of any other beer or any other big hop BI PA always say you are -- schedule your tournaments variety answer we got the variety and the sequence so they'll know had you know with fifteen minutes to go on the boil though had three ounces of 11 hop and then with seven minutes ago although loud and nine ounces and that's called the schedule it's how much they Adam when they had in the bore the label at the later they added the more it contributes to flavor the earlier they add herb to aroma of the earlier they added the more contributes to flavor and balances out the Sugar Ray. It's a big boy 10% ADV it has 6 Pacific northwest top varieties in the cattle. And a massive their word sim code dry hop bursting with hop aroma and flavor and 10%. Tempers are always know it's just short of flammable. I think it has a really nice interest he hopped great pretty presence and the use honey in and that's where they get some that maybe as well I sure as for mental sugar and it and set up sort has that dull honey sweetness in the background are really really balances the hops out nicely today. It's delicious there really is and it's a it's a perennial favorite as you mentioned this guy so one more time before we have to rabbit out here in the human happening at seventeen you this Wednesday Allen say the fifteenth it's a bells event there's going to be eighth. Perkin at 7 PM of two hearted tale. A bunch of different anything nine different Beers at the pizza shops starting early in the afternoon and then you transition over to the bar bottle shop for seven more than enjoying Bell's top slam 2017 this warning that's. Ranked in the Sabra do you buy the Friday your noses Sabatini speeds though and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in eggs that are is he's getting crispy cream man. Beyond very greatest collections of aircraft imported Beers balancing palace to hand pump and 36 or taking drafts. At seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue in eggs and granted they're bringing a million people together. Yeah it.