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Riffin with Freddie 3/17/2017

Fri, 17 Mar 2017|

Riffin with Freddie with Jack Gretz



  1. CoBiz0:11
  2. report card3:42
  3. Jenin0:29
  4. Google's3:51
  5. Burton2:26
  6. plain clothes0:06
  7. green team0:37
  8. left hander2:12
  9. flew home0:36
  10. saint Patrick0:24

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fast Freddie and since belt. This just didn't. Our rights our global want plain clothes and you buddy you're coming now from that area that your neck of the woods and I graduates go on our right CoBiz bill removes a saint fast Freddie W I'll bet he's. They've even before 8 o'clock. Our special saint Patrick neighbors was ready you throw. Anything you were 8 o'clock. I suffer got to keep our unit Jenin a second here and rip. You. Be viewed in a project in mind union and it flew home was on the green team I don't know little bit and hang out there. Truck trailers we've. What you persisted. How's it but you hear. And Brendan who can Bertans in the kind of 200 mark the start. It brings. Call. Us at home and man John he's swinging. You know finally. And. And regulate my love song love and yeah. Home thirteen 9708830098. Or wanted more three's 00 and I mean we have an open liners who we just don't jump on here. And innocent and ripped. And let you listen up rental real. Call your name is on its. Own. And when because tonight's beat musicians are now in my new hero in real Betis zero or eight when he got. We're 37009. Refrigerant and I don't yeah. A reduction guest house. And my good friend. Jack when jagr. Was there first like man ever slip yeah hacker guy who's got and I can't do that really is somebody's. Crazy. There are more wanted to be left hander by the things that little check in with very little that America needs Iran. And yeah. That it tree island Burton you're gonna demo and I know what songs that. And it. He didn't little. Lingo they're Hillenbrand and rewarding in and in this. X. Q and you got to argue that ignore these units that are machine. All of us. What you're and is now aren't I do not want to put this it's hard around for a got a beta that reviewed it and it'll run and I signed into you know a couple of time into it yeah elect idiots out. Yeah awesome yeah I just put a lot of time into you know this is easy it's artwork like yours right. Your criteria and I think you'll want I don't sledding sweating like that just cannot detox. Talk. It's hot here and where he's our records that operated and for them. Well our team and guys that documentary project from the view reject I was on the nor the music located. 73 tells carpet over there. Current wait right behind five guys missiles while we all went off to the storm. He was was pro yeah yeah some knowledge report card for the little. Little damper on the physical. Week in what is Arabia and I go back to your house yet about through two feet of ice in your driveway Google's wonderful news crew and they didn't do a terrific job admirals you know but the only. Gets the call and it throws yet. And anyway so. Going out after an idiot and wants to be John near suburbs out and actually the case ever does and you might just be here. Hope they. Act. And.