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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 3/17/17

Fri, 17 Mar 2017|

For St. Patrick's Day, an Irish beer you didn't even know about. But you do now!



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  2. road trip1:02
  3. brew master9:55
  4. Saint Patrick's Day4:45, 12:18
  5. craft brewery4:59
  6. brewing company3:38, 4:25
  7. Atlanta Georgia4:22
  8. imported Beers0:43, 12:09
  9. dark Beers3:53

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rather. Very exciting yet that the regular music played at the air because we don't have the right for the video right there and it. Just vocal I think maybe beat and face. I don't know that's. The three time winner of the Pennsylvania association broadcaster who weren't there. The two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award. To promote and advance the crafted MicroHoo Bulger gave northeast Pennsylvania it's another addition. Was it the Friday Bierbauer is powered by Sabatini is pizza and seventeen he's bottle shock and Barney America. I'll what are the areas of greatest collections of rare crafted imported Beers and rallies in colors that hand pump anything bad. My pin 36 urging just adds seventeen T seventeen bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue and look. Sabatini in the studio this morning I know from my earbuds that come at the studio or in Pakistan struck the window for second now fresh back from your your road trip yeah. He's international jet setting time we spent how where they're weak in Denmark and one week in it he went to Denmark have a beer is that right basically the that's got to be nice site edits a coach does little bit about what the deal now while I I was invited by jumper cocoa from soils and and is on the crew great. When Dominic Copenhagen for a week. I was following along on FaceBook you look like you're having a lovely educational time we. A few things like museums. I don't know isn't churches a tireless fight stereos and hey as a fantastic scenario. Homily only has Keller. Is. Has a pretty good chunk of carbon chains are seeing Hollywood aren't his they're kind places in no kitten and every one of them is just. Well amazing well fantastic solution the service is. We have to learn. This memorial here earlier comment I rate they know they really are they're doing and Copenhagen is fantastic for food. Opening goal now this time we hear her longtime are now there was a thing as a bad and they got to exist only are really yep do you really think that they're resuming culminating in. It was absolutely fantastic. Really. They load. Just sent a great time but we we did pro war pigs. Pollyanna schism in Keller three Floyd's clever of bar how cool and then a verb library there in numbers just a great experience estimating. And let me ask you this question and you can tell you and tell anyone answer this joke. Can you yuck this trip when you're contending here who have patent happy aces and that beautiful and get argue that bill for my beer by the bank on hey happy Friday happy Friday did you did you have any Bluetooth Fiske. The ash bash Barbara on have been an enthusiastic and more abroad how. Well that when. There's more wrong and so we should mention the bells and then got postponed. Neon from last when this Wednesday I guess this past Wednesday yeah 'cause of the blizzard of 2017. Thanks so some customers with I was leading cause probably couldn't make it. But no it doesn't it is because there's like no we can't get a gonna advocate that I've seen this coming Wednesday is the bells and I'm. And I don't tell us again about the dome the mentally and some these details really good event this. A fantastic event and bells of the hooked to something telling us sixteen different bears on draft release I think. Twelve of them I've never been poured on draft tonight. So. They are coming up we end and Andy and Hannah coming from dolls and this is going to be a great time charges against African rebels who are Indians have to 7 o'clock. At the 930 is a bunch of other Gaskin. Court this Wednesday dot com and I'm mark your calendars be there he got we have a wee bit of news so we ebitda million. So to roads up in Connecticut brewing company is doing a collaboration with Guinness to collaborations and slid one to Bieber is saying James gate in Dublin noon and one to be brewed in NASCAR for Connecticut. They're coming out on March 24 they're not given away names but they said they're definitely going to be dark Beers is all they've said Schmidt and released this week you would think they sort of mrs. Graham might have made the it is and I miss the mark their but. Speaking easy Ailes and loggers San Francisco clothes and this source really is very sudden. You know they are to go just announcer close our doors it's a financing think they've tried three or four of complacency and financing cannot get the financing is too bad. And and one last tidbit of news our buddy Mitch steel dampening his a new venture in Atlanta Georgia. It will be called new realm brewing company new realm of brewing come out Mitch formally stone deaf plunged. And and Mitch and his wife both common and on FaceBook yesterday saying. Have we not send enough Mitch Steele formally postpone her yeah I write essays step right into it and I guess I did are beard today is you know we've I don't think we've ever done a show on the actual Saint Patrick's Day so. I thought it would be appropriate to choose a really Irish beer and we could have done Guinness Guinness we've done before on the show for saint Pat's. But I wanna do to choose one that is sort of up Ireland's original small craft brewery come from Dublin a lawyer and an. We have the Porter house brewing and today we're going to do plain. Porter played for me you know white and I have a cup of that here and yeah I love the way it smells and it excite we know what I heard Porter everything I don't know only dawn. Generally mr. Cosby LA can't be better than not any and yet this has got an there's something about this is tasting yes. Well yeah. Possibly can actually takes a look and a little bit. It's really unique union you lead into a nicely. So let's talk about the Porter style itself more come back to the Porter house for itself so the Porter style started in the seventeen hundreds. And it started with that the names are being popular among the boat in training porters they lose a beer that was popular among them. It was really called the three threads and and it's. It's very is is dial beard gap Boehner before they call that reporter Greg that was called three threads and the three threads they would take a fresh fail to pony. Which is a strong ale and Tom. And and then they would an older Buren aged beer and they would blend those three threads together. And they would get what they ultimately called up pour out and he did it intentionally blend them together was at the overflow bucket on habitat they did know they they had weird efficiencies with how they brewed Beers so that they would they would not get the same amount of output that we do were much more efficient in doing beer now than we were back then great I'm in the originally called the entire buck. After three straight ahead. Friend. And there's some history at your duties. Not the ones he just won't come the entire but yeah well the entire portion of that comes from the fact that they would use the entire Ron means when they would mash a beer than in previous times they would they would only get partial efficiency out of and so they would rerun it several times. With an importer they would run at one time and they get the entire running topic and then they would put it in wouldn't cast called butts. And that's where entire bunch came from. Ultimately the porters like it and it became entire reporters and then Porter. It's a style boat that was the first worldwide beer its first beard to make it across the world and and it's also a style. That was was originally found something that was very much like what we're excited about him Bure now. It was really how happy we love really hot and ears yeah I'll give it used wild east. Like for 10 am high assist you use a new blown through the air death when a series of town umbrage and minuses spears. And it was barrel aged and of course we do a ton of barrel aged junior Jeff. And and so that was the Porter style back and it really had everything that we can't happen now. And people wanna know the other difference between porter's and stay out there was not a lot of difference back then. Come back then a strong Porter or double Porter. For a strong Porter was called a style. Porter. Four strong stressed out Porter yeah it makes sense and eventually the strong border the style reported double Porter. Eventually just became nostalgia they just dropped support he sunken. So we have playing Porter and that's Porter house's way of saying that this is just a plain regular original style port. Now as far as the US goes loomed Blair explained to people is importers not to have she might be a little later. And that's and that's when I was expect little later embodying them we are now via those house now Amaro arm mayor millennium by reporters at a robust quarter wishful and come close was also the sounds almost intermingle a little gal who's in Orlando is an ethical soon. And then and ink in this is not a traditional American Porter. This is it's got some coffee flavor to his got a little bitter roast beef flavor to it well Andy and I think that's what I wanna I wanna supporter I was vegan and I guess maybe without day actually see an American style Porter yeah that's exactly what I was expecting yeah and that well there is no America's support would be lovely cream near a bit softer mouth feel. I may be a little bit sweeter pound and and this one is definitely not an aunt Nancy's demonstrating if you have not seen this yet this. Mir has one of the coolest tops it has a ring cap of pop pop bottle. So you put your finger in the rain on the instructions or something right he kind of just did you put your finger in the ring. And you peel it back a little bit and then the whole cap sort of separates him pops off our school so you don't need an opener to open on the Tom it is John try it for yourself. Havoc with the women they realized that pop saw Elizabeth. I'm pretty old that is that's very nice you put an enlightening when he dropped it on the floor and and and ultimately put it to yourself yeah. Italy is a bottle opener your wedding ring you can just use that true that's true so Porter house started eight 1989. Has a bar. That was started by Leo my heart Oliver Hughes. And then in 1996. They opened the actual pub. The pub has a brew master and then they saying this is how they put it it's a guy called Pete are. And and Tom and Paul help out. I thought they list or the message that on his door and after those they brew masters has guy named Peter and common policy. And so I have actually been to this Porter house are really isn't an area of Dublin called temple bar uncle and it's a fairly americanized version are Barre area of double India if it has more familiar surroundings if you're American visiting over there than it would in other parts of the city. But it is a really really cool place to go have a beer it is right on the river lefty Tom and it is three Storey tall building. And it has bay windows since pick out 11. I wanna clarify about powerhouse even though the name is Porter house is not to supporters don't urinate they may live a very well a wide variety of Beers and they are there and then as far as what I've never been their illegal but. What I heard is. It's a good place to go if you wanna get away from. Every other buyers yeah Guinness only Nadal and an MBA yeah you did a lot of different style Beers are they gonna find in other parts of Dublin today and excellent. And then and it's a really interesting layouts are three stories tall. And has bay windows on every floor. And they have bars on every floor alone and food on every floor I can is more more but. Do you have to did you choose your floor based on the beer you want to. So you look at how you look at the taps already bars are the four that you end up on all three clergy. How high have. All three four is have have have different hapless so you can go up and down look at all the taps that they have and then you choose your four based on that because it does the bartenders don't really not really fond about hike in three stories yeah are you also have a drop off your beer down to pick up your beer. But it's a really really cold place you can sit in the bay window you can look out on the river live feed come and they have I think when we are there they had thirteen or fourteen different Beers on draft. Nice salary great place that is a really really fun place and then mentally yet does that seventeen he's yes beautiful we're joined Porter has brewing companies. Plain Porter really like Lima think Porter. Am very good isn't the only love Porter other Debbie while gave Freddie gear bus powered by Sabatini speed since seventeen he's bottle shop a darn exit third. Although the area's greatest collections of aircraft an imported Beers rallies in travelers hand pomp and 36 rotating Jurassic. At seventeen he's pizza and Sabatini bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue in egg scenario. Saint Patrick's Day this is the Friday bear about bringing Beers and good people together. Yeah.