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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 1/11/13

Fri, 11 Jan 2013|

From Tadcaster, England, the WILK FBB gang samples some Samuel Smith Organic Apricot and Organic Cherry this week!



  1. Brian Kelly1:04
  2. Wii remote12:38
  3. Samuel Adams6:01
  4. Brooklyn brewery4:38
  5. craft brewers3:53
  6. All Saints8:02, 8:45
  7. Wilkes-Barre0:43
  8. West Coast3:47
  9. craft beer11:58, 13:38
  10. Blue Man Group2:38

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wanna really go. It's only five minutes. 45 minutes before 9 o'clock now and the winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award in the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcast this okay. Promote and advance the crap here Michael 200 northeast Pennsylvania this is another addition. But I don't know. I was little -- okay. I've been pretty nearby as crusty by group cripples Georgetown. Delhi and you're get he rare limited quantity in new -- releases. How critical they are voted any PA's largest -- -- crafted beer selection it's purple -- on Daily Mirror. 309 in Wilkes-Barre township. Larry go -- idea about the challenges of course you each and every Friday morning with a -- happy Friday happy Friday I want you know that this is the most comfortable I've ever been in a room filled with rubber gloves. Normally very bad things happen that's normally like in a hospital died here. That's what I'm drinking out of the same cop yeah I want this is this is totally -- gloves Carol Brian Kelly had. Tiny hands it is the cold and flu season even though these gloves don't fit it's would be having the nearest probably had to reassure killing germs early. I got to get John you have to put one on your handed like getting to that. Before the mine mine had a blowout I try to put on it disintegrated and is he going into this one might be -- -- little -- -- it's -- -- -- to -- to -- -- putting -- -- I love does not fit you must acquit ST he did it again look at that and they look comfortable path. -- by the end of this thing -- your hand to be a new miracle how. So before I read the crew -- facing tonight Nancy I want you take one gloved hand and hold on to Johns headphone cord. Don't think it's finalized hand has headphone cord and and and your brother and you gonna need another glove to hold on to mine because the crew -- tasting tonight. Is it -- a flower power. Oh really on how to this so -- We usually don't so we don't run out of the multi count how. I'm only allowed one of our play one of Murphy a fresh did take a flower power right PA is one of my absolute favorite -- -- You can get -- tonight from five to seven new look and see if John and I talked the talk walk the walk here you know the -- Is you know it's again then they moved into new borrowing facility a couple of months ago and there have been production you know get ramping up and there was for awhile at least a short you think a flower power and northeast Pennsylvania. But it looks like maybe the problem is solved now because not only that hazing gone but I know there are places around northeast -- they're actually to have an untapped. Yes and our allies are afraid you're talking on the other hand -- It looks like Blue Man Group told their -- on tap. It is fabulous and really an -- bottles fresh bottles it is also fabulous -- -- get out screw us 5:7 PM tonight Joseph tells me also that if you want winter seasonal. Get down there and get them now because believe it or not the spring season holes are starting to roll in already and it -- -- let's -- -- we have -- -- to catch -- -- Stone we in -- last week that there enjoyed by was going to be to 1503. Yes I went out on a limb and I was correct on that. That it was going Oregon I was also correct and that. What I didn't know and what I didn't announce at the time is it's coming to the Philadelphia market really so there is some hope that we may see stone enjoyed by 0215. Wow. That's great to watch for that one postal buddy -- Steele also tells me I'm. They did their stone vertical epic 121212. Yes he is now taking some of that he didn't want it and he's taken some of that and put it in red wine barrels enough. And drafted into white wine barrels and I assume it'll sit for about here and then now we won't get to see it hit a lot of I'm glad you know there is a good if we go out to the West Coast you know we might get to see -- hot new -- -- not not in Pennsylvania but one of the largest craft brewers in the country. It's come up with a new series of beer called hop kitchen. How kitchen -- kitchen bouquet and and it's an interesting concept it is meant to offset the their other series of Beers which is called you'll love this one lips of faith. No that's the background on that. And and lips of faith is a series of sour -- -- lips of -- he has so hot kitchen is meant to offset thus our Beers with hoppy Beers they're going to do a series of poppy -- I don't know wanted to somehow missed a face only some sick tribute band there's a I I don't know it's a -- yeah. And who we have one last big piece of news and this is coming out of Brooklyn brewery Marlins are our friend here at all -- Linda. Marie they are opening up a brewery on Newbury. In Stockholm. School he's really. So -- they're they're pairing with a very large bring mom heard over there which is actually Carlsberg Carlsberg owns a lot of the -- over there and they're opening up a brewery and Stockholm and they are actually. -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 2% which doesn't sound like a lot the liberal lot of beer. 2% of their beer is sold in Sweden they're very very popular in three Brooklyn brewing is to pursue missiles we've got one yeah yeah but that. So we knew I was -- newswire -- -- that makes some sense now yeah I had -- and that's where their market isn't W the -- there -- -- there will be conceivably -- cheaper -- there because they don't have to -- the transportation costs as a starter out of a national -- Brooklyn in the name -- -- I don't know -- -- a lot of people have tried to explain a -- apparently the beer culture is very -- in Sweden Manhattan and Brooklyn is offering something different then their traditional Beers in Sweden and so suddenly very very unique that's great. So we do have. -- -- where trip to Beers today okay and our Beers today come from Ted -- England and and I can't believe we've gone this long and not feature this Marie. Many people get this brewery confused with a Boston Massachusetts -- -- -- -- -- It is Samuel Smith. Not to be confused with Samuel Adams and they come out of the UK at a time castor instead castor and -- England had your remitted to YouTube in England so I. How I'm not an anti Castro I have had Sam in. In London yes and in the UK and and I can tell you it's -- I think better over there -- it's fresher than their shirts our trip down the highway they have a really interesting story they date back to 1758. And the water that they use and the well that they use on the property is the original seven are really 58. Well wow so we should mention what our Beers are today jointly you guys we have to -- Our our Beers today. Art -- Samuel Smith organic apricot and cheery AL. And Johnny moved -- -- music just. A lovely guy. Now high and I will say that it -- price on the beer that's an organic root beer on it I am right now -- that at first yeah. Right so we have this here resembles today and there's me there's opportunity I find this very tasty. I have no idea -- try to an end and you know we're pushing a little bit of -- boundary here are normally this time a year is a spicy dark can be multi winter beer. And and I don't know about you guys but I sort of long for summer at this time -- here. I start thinking like oh god it should be warm soon chair so I thought why not you know be robust tradition throw a curveball in there why not bring this is -- -- -- here but why not bring a light sort of refreshing beer. And one that is unique I think among among the Beers we have -- we have not tasted something like this I think refreshing the perfect description and I just days in the in the April kind of -- yeah I was starting with the paper cut -- -- is is traditionally -- traditionally sort of a tad bit -- -- tad bit too hard. Hum does have breakfast all over it yeah I like it is an ice really really like it it's not as you know such sour yeah -- -- I just and it's a pretty nice pretty taste. Yeah I get this started their All Saints borrowing facility which dates back to 1876. -- -- the basic beer for this there. And it's brewed on the original equipment so 1876. Equipment. Now when -- say -- organic -- -- and I got to be some meaning behind the word Danny how are you organic means -- no no chemicals no preservatives used in the Barley -- -- the fruit or -- that sort of thing so it's it's organically grown -- -- -- -- -- youngest my youngest was -- and they have no chemical that is -- as -- artificial sweeteners coloring -- or -- -- I don't believe it says on the -- Obama nor the no I'm ready Emanuel are -- yeah apricots only natural. So this starts is good that this starts at the the All Saints that it in 1976 and and they uses steam power they actually good. Grind that those grains with steam power belt driven equipment to this day yes to this day so this is still -- very traditionally and at the end of that it is then shipped back to -- castor as a beer. And intact -- it goes your primary and secondary fermentation with fruit juice added to it yeah. With -- for each hour that this team is just because. That's the way they always did it and it's not anything this peculiar to the process and in parts of any sort of a flavor anything. -- -- another way does this is the way to always done in the right and and they won't tell you that all of this history in all it's it's like the terror are we talk about that that that love that that. The land that area. It is imparted in the beer so they will tell you that yes this has something to do with it. And and they will tell you that they use that thing called New York Shire -- -- in a -- -- brewery and and they say that that was what makes it a full bodied beer. Any any New York Shire squares and another band -- these these dates back to see how it because. These these they are yeah embryos as we -- we have New York Paris where. She stayed back to the the seventeen and eighteen hundreds as well they are stone. Borrowing vessels they're made out of slavery O'Hare because he can't really carve these things surrounding. They they take slabs of slate and they form them into these fermentation vessels. And that's what they used to firm and with all the this tradition that's above the when you know doing things the way they did and a hundred years ago on 200 years ago they can't be really producing and a huge amount -- -- or -- or not they they are about there are three breweries and in the -- -- area. Samuel Smith -- produces about 5%. Over all all of their Beers. But think they have a really neat concept that that they have. On site Cooper's you know Cooper is -- a barrel the make careless enough. They still use barrels to ferment -- actual wooden barrels deferment their beer plus they have -- on staff to make and repair. And they still haven't I gotta get the name right they have Shire horses that they use. And and they are stable at the brewery and they usually Shire horses to deliver beer. Five days a week. And -- better outside and so yeah I mean that the beer still rolls up in wooden -- with horses on the isn't on our Mary -- Kenny did it over here. Forget sun horse about they could but they'll do that for a photo op here try to cherry -- know -- -- -- the military's -- -- try to -- Still it's darker down. You know some people would say Smith Brothers after I was I was afraid I was gonna save Smith -- Contra but you know it's not a done well only had to take a minus -- so obviously is gonna to have been the highlight it can't count highlight highlight the and to me like -- -- -- better. What I like the cherry too. I think you -- to go more -- something right yeah that and these are Beers you know that these are great peers are we safe for someone may be considering converting into beer from a Weiner considering converting to veer from liquor. That they're not offensive they're not. Strong with the ball we -- eerie flavor and the alcohol by volume and -- Beers is five point one OK so it's not scary break out overwhelming somebody that is enough to if there's enough body and and and saying you know truck for a season craft beer lover TL article American male mainstream beer you're gonna see about 4% anywhere is an important -- so this is a little bit about that just slightly. And and that could be dangerous yeah. How good -- very tasty they're very easy drinking very easy drinking that's dangerous for us so Samuel Smith has barged in England and and they're called Samuel Smith certified bars and we're actually in one in London. They have rules -- you know you can only serve Samuel Smith -- yes Tom. But the other holes are. No TV and no music that they want conversation. And beer noises a -- meanwhile are your movies with. The crowd of lawyers can't play we know is while it was a long Wii remote or was it was very crowded I mean actually hard to get a beer down that it was so crowded but a lot of local city -- see a lot of travelers or delete anyone's guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com you can try the other ones as well behind Samuel Smith -- -- we had some paper Pattinson cherry here this morning didn't deter. Tony it's good stuff. And it's -- -- by crew -- Georgetown Delhi and beer not just -- criminals has great -- sub sandwiches -- cheese steaks and more so thin. Enjoy some great food along with a craft beer. It's turtles Georgetown Daily -- three and nine wilkes-barre tell should exit the -- -- and bringing good Beers and good people together. There's that whole body and we. Yeah how -- -- and maybe. Yeah you know. Thanks. Thought it. It's. Oh man. I'm do you win. You and hard. Yeah and how -- Laurie -- and do you. -- -- Dark beard removal.