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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 1/18/13

Fri, 18 Jan 2013|

Mark Braunwarth, brewmaster at Marley's Brewery & Grille in Bloomsburg visits with THREE great beers including Pack Dog Peanut Butter Ale!



  1. plane tickets13:31
  2. road trip4:09
  3. Delhi India0:29, 15:00
  4. brew master14:45
  5. Wyoming Valley2:24, 2:34
  6. Jay Wright4:39
  7. Susan Sarandon1:38
  8. Yoko Ono1:37
  9. craft beer0:28
  10. Brown County11:15

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lulu and odd man frank. And now the winner of the company association of broadcast -- the penalty -- have you ever broadcast and Fuzzy agent warrant. Mario carried away. Promoting bands in the -- here micro -- culture northeast Pennsylvania this is the. Is that Freddie Durbin just -- you -- crippled Georgetown Delhi and beer needing -- -- has you covered -- baskets gift certificates Nixon meant six fax. Any PA's largest and best election of craft beer -- Georgetown Delhi India Eritrean and looks very township critics of the big -- I'm -- hubris here in -- younger version shooting video as she does every weekend we have a little bit of a different wrinkle here today because our former television studio lights -- no longer -- -- -- we're pretty much injury angle above the Disco ball here today -- -- this is experiments so if you're watching live. On the video a little later at a little dart -- those cartoons July only. And new wrinkle for the video O'Neill's catch on line later on W I can Israel back -- Bill for my beer by the outcome of course here with us this morning -- -- Friday happy Friday I wanna I -- officially go on record. I have not -- I do not know what EPO even stands for I'm recognized mrs. beer buzz is not imaginary husky is in fact real leadership and are we can live does she have bangs as Mike. You -- she might -- nine and she might have that this now I don't know he has saying okay now and it can't just live look at how this is I just wanna get this on the video is almost. Disco ball now with the lights off we really public figure eights flying by myself like -- at -- -- I'm ballroom high above downtown Manhattan's great and we can play how many Beers before that makes you dizzy and for sure and I invited Yoko Ono and Susan Sarandon to come on the freely and they said they were busy calling god -- I don't know how else. Well we haven't. A little fun a little accruals -- tonight guide to 7 PM how it is Cisco breweries and winter charette her little shredder and that is -- think five to 7 PM tonight yeah. GNG class or giveaways and so get down there and try and I want tonight shredder shredder yeah that the winner bears are fading so it's time to start thinking summer show that is down there try some of these winner Beers. We have a little -- -- news I don't wanna dominate the news to much because we have a guest -- I wanna get to the three -- that he has been nice enough to bring clarity -- one team peers how we we did a little homer competition judging Donna Barton derbies on Saturday all right if you were you mentioned that and congratulations to Janet -- wrestler who -- -- Putt on the show Dan has come on with the Wyoming Valley home burst right Dan had a reporter that was. Head and shoulders above everything else really in the company graduation and then it just was such a good beer and the president of the Wyoming Valley homer Ted Elliott took second place nice is pale -- actually could not really really really nice -- -- -- We have one of a little bit of news and I like to have like good good -- knew something good beer karma. There is a breweries down in Texas called for Bolton early verboten and if you recall I don't remember that they. That's why a blocker had a beer called Sutton and wire barker got screwed. Because of the names gotten and they had to change that name to verb button. Which they promptly went out and trademark. -- button no way. So naturally now you've got for -- brewing in and wire markers has trademark yeah. So overbought and brewing contacted damn we're back and wire bunker and said you know I mean I know very sorry can we were so that I. Yes and Dan wrote back and said no problem -- found no harm. Didn't enjoy it have a good time -- that we don't have any issue they go -- and user context and so we love scene I think -- -- well. I think that's that's a good thing for everybody did to to cooperate and and you know just get along with basketball there. And also real -- just another little bit -- -- I know you -- -- might -- earbuds -- -- -- -- have -- this morning -- -- that the million actors who may have to show is not an -- is not -- yet it's on the shelves -- -- right now if you wanted to down and Murray and get it you can go down and get it I think it will be another week or so before it gets into our market -- calm but I think you'll -- a very -- it's in the Harrisburg Lancaster -- York market now -- get it down there. And our on our favorite -- slam if you wanna -- -- -- Michigan it's available -- -- cafe at number reason I get out -- -- 1132 road trip -- I wish I had not division so we have a guest with us I'm excited to have him back this is his second visit. Joining us from blooms -- PA from Marlys brewery today we have mark from -- welcome back pay -- thank you very much. Plus glad to be here it's been like a year and a couple months since we've had just. As you say it's it's definitely been a while yeah. I think it was the first time we did -- dumb like. Barely see here partly due course right on the main street in new -- of the marine drilling me Jay Wright very -- from the courthouse right up. Red Cross of -- basically you'd do if your drive from one end Italian maritime world and we're pretty much dead and. And the middle so if you're going south there on the left side that makes any sense to people going down 47 from my wife yeah. Okay it we will be going down -- tonight or anyone that wants the tailgate. Go down we're going to be no Marlys and hang out no. I still on there and Caroline about it -- and we wanna congratulate you on the new baby so thank you there. Will mean aggression and she's four months old I should just give a shout out to my son to Jack Stephens. Very close to lighter sleeper at your house -- that or your -- -- -- -- I wanted to move inland Pennsylvania -- exactly. So -- -- on what's going on -- in the last year I need you -- a lot of different Beers I I I think all along on the website that you've done a lot of different Beers I've. Think since opening -- -- -- just about forty different styles and 2 years nice am consulate you know looking for and actually wanting to improve and -- olds. We are. Are out are almost certain to your anniversary I'm February ninth. We were coming up hoping for two years and for our -- it's my music underneath amber event from from 35. We're gonna take cutting ceremony. We're sending out invitations to people if you download our happens well we know now tomorrow history -- I saw that need if you bring down on your phone you are free piece cake. And and I think we'll have our our our Belgian IPA release at that point as well I'm two years in the army doesn't seem like -- just yeah when there are we following. When they were and there were up on notes from the PLC be posted in the -- I NF pending approval -- and stuff there now it's been two years unbelievable India.Arie or emitted through a couple of hurricanes. I know some small snowstorms a major and now. You know admitted to -- she's -- obviously this year. We -- -- GB GA BF -- for the first RBIs -- value at the UBS had on yeah the fun time. -- you'll notice. There -- questions to say hello. I'm undoubtedly out west and -- might have. Fairly. And I hadn't been. Prime -- for years and they were up to 2500 Beers on the -- for her over 4000 Beers are judged. Tom and I went to school out there sorry if there's still a lot of our friends I'm. Just kind of seasonal haunts have you entered or do you do you regularly enter -- -- this is the first you're entering the Marlys we did the -- are peanut butter which we're gonna take Slater. And then we didn't we did our guard down -- -- -- Pretty wild the TO category -- is basically a category four Beers that don't fit into other categories. I'm going into and around allowance which means you have pride top ten has gradually and that's that's a lot that's up against a lot of competition and that is a tough category Gloria I. We have three Beers here today you mentioned one of -- and we should start with that one. Our first first dog our first year here today I think today's attack dog peanut butter AL. It is marketing but I do we are Marley was the okay. You old Bulldog mix I think I know I got it wrong last service ambassador Harriman. They said evil old. Company tonight if the legal Bulldog arms from the picture in our low you think she'd be this big like Bullmastiff yeah I like -- she's thrown out of wood off the but this thirty conduct this we we when you know we want the dog team. All over the place stores are now the Pentagon yet but it lasts about path we have three -- today we're gonna get to tell us about -- -- peanut butter as we sample it the people aerial is down -- -- -- mention -- fairways I'm. -- that was brought up I thought it was a horrible idea honestly. I'm MMI and I'm trying. Trying and -- peanut butter imperial stout found that there is kind of amazed about with the we knew ingredient is the pain of other. And we wanted to base the bureau around that I'm screaming and you know. Copper colored beer is close to -- -- we can get him collar. You know -- -- And then we use some -- and dehydrated pampered it's on PB two Mattel -- plantation. We -- the boy don't and to be about five pounds -- -- of -- dehydrated empire per barrel. I'm sorry sir I was when people are going to be in morning at 1015 pounds at -- And then that candidate in this religious -- and the boil then we end up killing this awesome kind of roasted peanuts. Almost. Yes -- -- sweetness but it's it's like you set a rose to 18100 million no doubt is that fried -- flavor and it's up front which I like a lot and and it's it's sort of subtle and it's fades as you drink and it's a really nice easy drinking -- I think what's what's a media on this I've six point three. Limits on anything there and I I was like more bang for your market. If you embodiment peanuts in general and natural you know you go to use maximum memos bars across the country and I think -- when you go for The Who register real -- Half of them like that I've I've read they've there's like pizza Beers out there and thought I know it all kinds of crazy and -- -- beer and and and -- not nuts and it sounds silly but not so far and up and coming category here and up and coming ingredient in Beers I know they're always been a lot like hazelnut. -- hot and and not -- kind of things. But but nuts and peanuts in moments in general are really active category for beer you our affiliates more more I mean in my opinion as part because it's an ingredient that already has Orioles two at the F and -- -- really well when it comes in the flavoring appears. So it's it's. It's something that you know you're gonna get a presence and a beer -- right and they mean. This president and that's a pretty cheap too soon so we got we got a minute ago. Don't wanna -- says -- -- -- -- finally I want no 1 that I am most excited about this isn't dirty dog double and and it's because of one ingredient but tell us about dirty dog double and we will start to sample I'm busily a Belgian double. So and -- -- base source and a Brown County. Yeah. Kind of multi sweetness. A little bit chocolate notes you had found but then we ended up having about sixty pounds -- sour cherries into our in our secondary fermentation. And again I -- dark -- and how we used out of Bastogne east found what I'm really really positive results -- it. And I'd just like carrots sweet any -- that nice little bit of cherry note read at the end yeah it's very effervescent I love -- Beers I love Belgian style Beers some doubles or some of my favorite here so when you're putting those two together. It's not really when you say sour cherries this doesn't come off as a salary doesn't have that -- -- our. -- forgot Valentine's Day how are you a little too little hint of Charlotte as diarrhea and their two you know very effervescent I mean there's a little bit. Effervescent to it now I think it's a really nice here what's the AB here on -- -- I think it's about six once again that 6% range which is just. Pretty traditional for no and you have tea and dinner coming up on the 27 yeah tell us about the beer and food pairing dinner this is. Our third actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- we wanted to do seasonal offering obviously so we're doing as a right now we're doing their spring summer winner falls. Com so this is our winner we kind of wanted to do something where she's all but also were kind now one week where there's no football. Had well with some comfort foods as well it's five course -- paired with our parent of five different Beers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm and that's with our imperial Posner. -- -- -- salad with blood oranges and men that's paired with our ran -- appeared. So I've got this fan then now we're to ensure immigrants I'm always like their assets for a while. So it's and convention immigrants were informed shrimp sauteed in garlic and lemon. This and I'm looking forward to is that venison sausage Hilo moon. Wish spicy cherry OK yeah. And then are our executive chef was red velvet surrender and I read an oversized red velvet cupcake. They injected with chocolate can our show and it's nice -- and this is happening went. Guys is and 27 of January -- to -- -- -- -- you walk in the door -- yeah I'm yeah as are now we saw a plane tickets available. Once it's forty dollars which I think is relatively good press for. Clearly I think as parents are really good price for that. I'd love of your dinner and we and we want last year we'll just mentioning here and tasted a new word we're just about out of time we have. Tell me the -- help me -- in the name -- as a choke -- triple choke collar triple here so we've done a double a triple and then peanut -- -- tells about miserable and alone will enjoy -- I'm troubled -- nine point two or nine point 5% in that range but is it kind of -- nice fluorescence. We have great results with the eastern again and it's got -- almost bubble -- like -- is really prefer Thomas and -- you can -- I'm very classic triple a little bit of bubble -- little bit almost banana. Really nice creamy finish really nice fear death and and -- what we'll do taxes police have -- that doesn't NPA -- what I tend to do is I -- -- mislead or regionally specific you know never burn heresy in eastern and you can't just make one beer out of it. I'm so we've done that was our value you know in the murder -- the fall and then the winner. How would -- a lot of our German Beers is and that we in the summer we'll get back some German retailers and stuff. Yeah -- marine guerrillas on main street in beautiful downtown Bloomberg PER brand worth is via brew master mark thanks for being an energy. Our thanks or grants Australian -- will yes they knew a beautiful name. I DL Friday nearby has brought you by criminals Georgetown -- in the -- voted any PA's best golf shot so one and they -- -- only -- stop. That's struggles Georgetown Delhi India or retreat and I looks very township next to big -- outrigger bringing you Beers and good people who -- who. Example LaMont and -- go. -- Monopoly. -- -- -- Okay I'm. And in the long. And now you. --