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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 1/25/13

Fri, 25 Jan 2013|

Avery Hog Heaven Barleywine to mark the WILK Friday Beer Buzz show #150!



  1. Brian Williams2:09
  2. brewers association3:46
  3. United States5:34, 8:22
  4. Barley wine2:56, 7:17, 7:55
  5. brew master10:53
  6. Gary Miller6:41
  7. craft brewer3:53
  8. craft beer3:29, 5:08, 5:24
  9. East Coast2:24
  10. Colorado7:12

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wanna. 45 before 9 o'clock now and have a winner of about. Association. On the Pennsylvania associated pres broadcasters association award to promote and advance to grab your micro route calls through northeast Pennsylvania this is another new addition alma. -- -- -- On Friday beer buzz is brought to buy Pringles Georgetown Delhi and beard -- rare limited quantity in new gear releases act crew -- Putted any PA's largest -- -- your selection this to -- today. All the buzz is about that's criminals Georgetown -- and Eritrea and -- looks very township critics of the big cash. And -- bill from my -- as I've got to know -- Friday every Friday India you know if we win another award we're going to have to extend via a link to this show just for our -- alone -- had had -- we're gonna have to do is go to multi day I just hope is not a mile -- like the da Louisiana try to get it -- it is -- view toward something with fewer associations and help. So I'm gonna -- a number ten were making plans as we -- to win another award that. I'm gonna throw out numbers and are you -- tell me what this number means aren't 150. 150. Shows that we've done. Cabrera right we have done 110100. I I would never show wow is that many god did that find Miley has us I am amazed I was judges write the numbers down as we go and I thought today was number one that's our -- As we like it was just yesterday that there was number who were throwing up as seriously how much -- we we have at a time flies panel earlier here this in his head to one that's not even the beer count if you count any irony here we've had 34 or five years on some shows now. Now almost at 500 Beers there. I think we're doing our part he just -- is working just that work. -- come Guinness world record right. Thanks so we have a -- -- -- tonight it is wood chuck winter hard cider that's from five to 7 PM tonight which I swear and giveaways. How we have the agenda on that we don't we -- I say we have would check on twice we've had very there and -- recently multimillionaire. By. Brian Williams on right the first time the -- they're cider maker in the second time I mean I recall that because they recalled that he revealed there actually is no wood chuck in this undersized and that. I had -- -- trust for harm now. So we have two new exciting -- coming out and I don't know that we're going to get to see them here on the East Coast all of our bread. First one is from groove goose island's number we had Brett Porter on hatred brewing name yes. Goose island does a line of barrel -- -- call burba and county than they normally do Bergen County style may have a bunch of variations of Bergen County stop him because he's out cherry you rice out. They're now doing Bergen County bar Lee wanting to move so well won't cross our fingers in and -- I was kind of sexy exciting I think we should schedule -- Porter had. And a couple months and I'm very good plan mayor -- Parra had us do that the new Barley wine. Thought we also have a new one coming from Sierra Nevada and they had an imperial style card called know our wall. Named after the in the -- Wales -- our corner on the unicorn you're just my way I I don't know did you actually -- -- -- -- clearly others out there when there's a normal they are doing suburban barrel aged and our wall which autumn. Be like you run and ended up hard mentality. And I -- goes up about 3% may be he from the original -- originals pretty down pretty -- while. We'll also have you know. They're both controversy in the craft beer world in the -- world doesn't last long because people usually sit down have a beer and forget the controversy -- and -- thing going on now that. They've been calling their craft vs crafty and I don't know if you seen any of the PR an infinite and it's been a really really interesting conversation going on. The brewers association there -- trade organization for craft person came out with the definition. Of small craft brewer. And that definition was very very narrow and they said that that's crashed. And everything else you know like some some of the bigger guys are in brewing crafty -- here's he's crafty that they're just being crap they're. I thought it was a mistake I still think it's a mistake. And the big guys have a lot of marketing power and and I think so far they have turned this thing around in in a bad way for the -- association. They they defined it very very narrowly and and they defined it in terms of what can be in the beer and what can't be in the beer. How big you can be how what sort of ownership. And and in in doing that they took breweries like who silent I was island is owned by Anheuser-Busch know how we had their Beers on the show I. I have no doubt that those Beers we -- were fantastic your strength regardless of whether it is Kraft or Kraft people who. -- and I think in doing this they're they've really narrow the definition and there are really I think hurting themselves -- They didn't take in places like terrapins we have -- we cow ski on and I actually we interviewed spike about the situation. -- that terror and has partial ownership or partial investment by ten and Blake. And then Blake is a craft beer marketing arm of Miller course. Well that -- association boom terror pin is not so -- are -- the official sanctioning everybody has to go by these definitions my body or in this. They enjoy it out there nobody everybody picks whoever runs -- well they essentially have defined what craft beer is. And then said who is and who isn't there and and yet they run the GA BF they run the craft first conference they they run a lot of these big conferences that along with craft beer in the United States yes so can they say yeah. Mean it's chaired by -- college owner of the club dog fish had. I just think it's it's you know we always take the attitude of -- facility and the guy who would be behind do I don't like this I know what -- there's more of the story in the story is the wave that. That the big guys are marketing their beer and I just showed you guys a photo of -- sample of Budweiser black -- right right right it came in a padded suit case are real suitcase and came with a USB key they came with -- they came with a little ingredient vials. The big guys have the money to throw out the little guys have a cardboard box and bubble wrap her -- friends and great fear. I think they should stand on their great beer. And we should drink their beer because it's great beer not because we want to be charitable to them in and give our money to. Number one end of the big guys -- who are actually producing you're trying to marketed as Kraft I mean that is all about marketing first. But that's what they do best that even that even the Beers and they make that are not you know he intended to it didn't nudge in on the craft market. You know the -- slide sure you know has a trick -- -- turns blue Gary Miller has the vortex model that's about marketing and not about the beer it is and it and it works for them. And and you know I think that the small craft for should be who they are they should continue to do what they do and brew great beer down and let the beer speak for itself -- you know don't don't don't play marketing -- here don't get into that this is the pig in the -- kind of fight you know you look at money in the pig likes it on the speaking of pigs take the high road and this being a pig in a Briggs what what a nice -- very well anyway we do have a beer today we'd. For -- beer comes from Boulder, Colorado that's from the Avery brewing company and our beard today is hog heaven Barley wine. He's saying. -- -- we had a -- -- -- that was the life. All right I'll tell you he. And we -- very -- these I don't know if you can tell. There are already -- why -- So it's a real hard -- -- -- -- I -- partly why aren't I get a little trepidation and I think -- it's ES -- he is -- be like I thought that's what we're going to be dealing with here and we're not know is in his wheel house that's. All are that I love I love anywhere you like -- raving about I love you here don't we should first talk Barley -- style it's a Barley wine style and that is a style of beer that is -- and it was named because it was -- to the strength of -- -- and the timeline was you know between a 12% and there was not here is much less than that break in this started in the 1870s. At best where they came out with all number one. And old number one was a very first Farley behind made in 1870 poll number one hell don't want it came right back and I go number one. They came to the United States there's a there's a fight over the remaining. A college Kevin yeah. Does appear to cure my cold. Now you're drinking beer for medicinal purpose elderly is still over there John I feel good I guess you -- out. We are and we are not doctors that's right that we -- medical advice in 1976. -- -- from its well like Lauren. Anchor steam we just have mark carpenter and a old hog -- from anchor brewing came out and that was the first American Barley wine. There are two types of -- winds there are British -- winds which is what you were expecting that as that -- and multistate. Pea soup -- I think this gets kinda what I saw -- -- that's exactly what I was thinking and then there are American -- winds and American bar and the winds are you hopped up version of the sticky car -- multi thing here I. -- a lesson married I don't know I'm behind now. And and Avery I gotta tell yet Avery has taken it a step further. Because debris debris over -- does sounds bad they they over excel at their Beers and and they made -- -- a 104. -- which is stunning and which is super copy your standard run of the -- right down a little IP -- like 66870. Some of the double life PA -- have been huge for us have been a hundred okay great and this is potent. And I myself. That line I got I got to redo their motto okay and and and they're very interesting breed brewery company. We -- we like to drink with utter disregard for what the market demands. And they did they started out in 1993. They they were sort of struggling along and in 1994. They won -- GBF goal for their stay out which which sort of put them on the map. And in 1997. They said you know it's it's Adam Avery and his father were running the company now time -- man Avery had me very it came ahead. Came out of the the debris numbering background he said we have a choice here we can either go big with this thing. And failed trying or we can compromise quality of our beer and -- business and so they decided to go be a excellent and and risk losing the company and -- the same kind of the theory is that the latest stone espouses to me you know says about you know probably like this there yet. Global news or not worthy of this year. I gotta get through the year right 1997. When they made this decision to do this. They suddenly -- two or three Beers that we're big hog heaven being one of them. And they got a phone call from Tommy Arthur and Tommy Arthur may not be a name that every once familiar with the Tommy Arthurs to brew master report brewing and more importantly lost -- And he does a strong ale festival in 1997 he called about -- Avery and said can you bring your beer to the strong ale festival. He brought it to the strong ale festival. And at the strong ale festival he ran into Greg cook. I'll start and there it is who agreed to distribute his Beers and California and Bada boom they want from seven -- the thirty barrels -- -- -- -- just -- off the -- tea and -- they they -- distribute any way to the -- I mean they're they're they -- yeah they do all right well you know what -- -- a volume Marley wanna hear from -- -- -- 10104. In the I'd be unique -- is -- for anybody like so hoppy -- you'll go hog -- -- Kyra and Kelly and then we should say hello to Leona. Yeah are you only -- ship -- ship Toski. Okay you really should just need and I -- sassy senior senior who listens to the beer buzz every Friday its ownership tasking day here. I don't Carol -- and I ran into. Absolutely nothing I Leona every hog heaven Barley wine -- beer and today on Friday -- was wondering if she won fifty whom. You -- 150 shows I'll. I'll play and that's pretty -- and we should have a little party for that the Friday dear buzz is brought to you by criminals Georgetown Delhi and -- like Georgetown Delhi on FaceBook. Followed Georgetown Delhi on Twitter keep up with there's specials. An event happening -- -- about trickles. -- -- -- billionaire Richard and I looks very township next to the decals fretted about bringing good Beers and good people together.