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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 11/8/13

Fri, 8 Nov 2013|

Damien Malfara from Old Forge Brewing in Danville visits the WILK FBB studio with Plowshare Porter and Resolution Rye Stout!



  1. brewers association1:50
  2. Paul Pierce0:36
  3. brew master13:20
  4. craft beer13:30
  5. brewing company2:40
  6. dark Beers7:30, 8:33
  7. German beer1:31
  8. Danville2:38
  9. Sonoma2:56
  10. Cascade hops8:53

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wanna. And -- the two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award in the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award. Promoting and advancing the craft but the company into sexy they're promoting and kept advancing the craft and my glove recovered or these PA another edition out in the back. And I. Yeah the Friday beer buzz is brought to you by Google's Georgetown Delhi and beer any PA's largest investor craft -- selection of Paul Pierce is still in -- Stock the -- your peers are arriving daily its current polls open seven days a week -- I'm looks very township -- next to the big. Alligators. Battled for my Bierbauer is dot com with a -- happy Friday happy had a pretty happy birthday and I didn't even know. I had Indian -- millions to. Advertise on FaceBook and you get about a billion happy birthday site and and you don't want here no I don't I enjoyed it I just kind of forgot this journalist his birthday on Wednesday day I think girls birthday yesterday. So you'll -- PM and I will admit I have not had this. Here really -- berg blocked it's a 1664 bunker happy birthday some things. And you get to wit beer an encumbered you think you'd be a German beer it's actually French here -- British crew goes tonight from five to 7 PM with glassware giveaways and try outs in Cronin -- blond guy. It's a nice little white here tells good. We also have won congratulations. To our -- tiny Geraldo -- tiny one the MBAA. Award of honor an MBAA is master brewers association of the Americas -- around. It's a big during organization. And it is the first award honored that they have awarded in ten years you have players the last almost 2003 -- -- just wanted to in 2000. -- that and he would tell you very modestly that there are many people in between the deserved it but. You we know -- me well enough to know he deserves it does that great award for him -- that that's a great name for an award after the war the palm of are -- It's like did it doesn't get any better so gradually I see him graduate -- -- week. For those that that didn't tune into us a week or so though tiny has landed at a -- of borrowing and -- -- you'll definitely be in touch and mullah maybe haven't beat a beer on the show aren't so good. We have joining us in the studio today someone that has not been with us for a little while but he's a three time returning -- -- From Danville PA from the old forge brewing company today we have -- Alfaro and anybody I'll be here your third busiest what is it restarts tonight. If you got gigs and we furthers this knows all their -- don't -- yeah see this no score and -- painters in Sonoma. I think would be due to come on the shelf -- is only a snow squall of northeast you have. And and it's and it's been awhile. -- I'll tell you how long it's been the last time we spoke to you on the air was the production brewery was just starting to get under way. So give us an update first on the production brewery itself Howard things that are at the the production during it's going great. Full steam ahead full capacity were just trying to fill our orders and dam broke and had some fermentation capacity next year. So. We're we're not as widely available as I thought we would be as I guess so me thirsty people there -- Fine and up locally over. So we we've had some complaints from people not being able to get our rear but. We're gonna get caught up. What you don't demand is a good problem I have an idea to think -- the other nuts that's good bad yeah. And I hope I I spoke to gaining on the way and we just bought a case of over by IPH and and they are sixteen ounce cans. How wonderful a wonderful hobby I PA. Seven and a half percent -- -- nice and the case price is about 35 dollar really so you know we always like to say it's a a great beer at that price it's a great spirit any price right. Sixteen ounce -- a case -- -- -- -- want Algeria now that's -- sorts of borrowing capacity what's what brewing size you do with the production -- our -- assist it's a Tony number house. We typically do between forty and our apparel batches and we just. Putting new bunch of them for -- And I think so far will probably do 2200 barrels this year. Wow and it's it's cans and -- and I personally would probably do close to tell you how I know that we account for most of that and this -- and then case only out of there. Yes down there and they're all sixteen ounce cans -- -- -- what I like to call healthy portion it's really nice amount of -- and again that's great that's excellent you've also. We're familiar with the video downtown palm and you've also moved from the downtown -- to a new group of guests in September. Can tell us about the new brew -- Well it's a lot larger. We have a better kitchen and -- -- on the first floor handicapped accessible more bathrooms is just. Better all the way around everywhere you look -- as an improvement that's that is a necessary improvements and we had to do it I know it's nearby tell us where it is exactly. Is clearly break down the street from the original -- So that's two tiny mill street and ammo crates that you're familiar with the original location near your right in the neighborhood and if you had -- they just drive towards us now our guess is that how. And you that I I've I'm trying to remember between downstairs and upstairs how many taps you had on going at the same time how many of the new place but right now we have sixteen -- At any point in time there's probably between 1016 on happening right now there's thirteen. So it's just a matter of thumb. Trying to plan it -- to get all sixteen on -- And you have to visit because there while -- -- a lot of things that we see our market. There are a lot of things that are draft only in a lot of things that I think are sort of brewery only releases some real specialty Beers that you get down there and only down there. -- -- the majority of stuff on tap is is only at the pub. Not out of those usually only I'd say fortified Beers on tap that is what you -- getting cans or time or else and the rest is you you got to be there. -- -- there and I miss you and we went down turning -- it was a blast holiday season we went down and visited so we settled in the upstairs bar which is really nice and then and we had at least three Beers that I never even heard of ahead. Let alone sample before so it's it's a really great destination the food is fantastic is that the tap handles are really really cool everything is very yes sort artisan handcrafted. Deny that's sort of the theme for everything -- it's a really nice place to visit. And really pretty section of town we have two Beers here today pushing her to go down there we should enjoy it right now but I'm. After nine is that -- commands remember we can call -- yeah. Yeah we have two Beers today were gonna sample and they're both dark and they're -- perfect for this fall and winter season the first one is called -- Share corner. That's my name didn't name again -- -- Yeah -- programs out there and work. So -- reporter obviously is a reporter but we're we're sampling and here tell us a little bit about -- reporter. Well if we didn't really have dark -- in our portfolio and a lot of customers you know since we opened to -- production breweries said. Further wintertime you really need that dark Beers -- and we noticed that the letter bears didn't sell as well also. We are excited about it and we we originally had a beer called PDs Porter the public. But I felt like to put something in the candy just had had a little bit more body a little bit more flavor going on so plow -- -- we kind of reworked a recipe and and it's got a decent amount option it. And and a lot of chocolate mall I mean it's just say Shockley who again. Now it has a nice cocoa flavor to it has a little bit of almost a coffee flavor to it a little bit -- -- little bit. It's sort of it's just hardy -- call it a party -- how many what's CA BD on this front five point seven. So its assets to relatives leave you spend the afternoon with a good yummy and sixteen ounce cans it's nice Tom has a little bit of smoking to it but. Very enjoyable on this is sort of a false seasonal winter on the your right I PAT realty LL. We'll be out our year -- Beers and and every season we're gonna have to new Beers introduced so. These -- these dark Beers will be available probably through February -- nice. These are sixteen ounce I -- like this is that you are available locally. And it's sort of a classic American Porter really is NN it has all the like -- said a little bit of the chocolate -- -- and a copy is there and I think you should write to and that got her to me as well I think is really good at what cops are on board here. Cascade hops and I believe the -- -- are to knock some of the classic Seahawks room proved very nice. Classic scene -- yeah cascade Centennial show the other group in the fifties early. They are the -- content element do you feel you. -- and add at a night. We haven't another another unique -- here I think for us doubt it's just out. This one has called resolution rice doubt you've been there are several things going on here this is not your average ordinary -- tell us about resolution -- staff. Well you know for the Porter we we want to stick with the Porter come just has to American quarterback for the stout for another dark -- that we can introducing cans. I felt if we just in a regular stay out I don't know that there wouldn't be much excitement about it -- So last year just in arbor and I we just. Heard a bunch of difference -- kind of experiment with different things in this is the woman like the best. It is a little bit out there it's got a lot of rye malts constantly try. And doesn't have any gross parlay into it which is done differently worst out we use what's called midnight week which is they deep bitter black small but it's all. From week. And that's who provides the color in the roasting us. So it's actually a -- mall not rhyme or not -- Barley oats wheat and rye mix no Barley and board ball by the based -- is it is is to build your base and so there is -- and it. He says it has that sort of creamy mouth feel that the wheat imports to it. It hasn't you can take surprised the -- and there you rise is that sort of beater. Different flavor to -- you know like a right near tiger's probably have -- home the southern tier that ray -- that that was the two X ray are up. I really like July and you don't make your web -- years as a resolution right start is deceptively smooth. And well. I can turn. And what's maybe beyond this -- six point eight so this one's a little bit today the oldest Harlem but just 31 out there. I like it I think there's some flavors there that make it very very unique -- and and it's still has the backbone of a -- I mean you can still. Taste that's sort of -- it. That's excellent paranoid about you know and I was disappointed that I had to stop that we for the Porter which -- Yeah they they go now -- challenged I don't know how should you try to finish the -- go back to the -- normally there's a -- here with these go very nicely together and we didn't you know from a -- standpoint -- -- had a little bit more -- -- to it up but we didn't actually labeled the glassware so that we could tell which is which -- -- because visually. They look very much alike they don't -- as a taste very different now can't packaging it's something we haven't talked about a long time. What made you choose to go to -- what made you choose to do sixteen ounce verses twelve. And and and -- -- talk I got a sixty announcement was a great idea by the way yeah -- you're seventeen. I I feel like the ever since before we had -- brewery just buying beer when you go to a bar or restaurant you always get a pint of beer yeah. And every time you by Casey never get a pint. Freddie was twelve ounces and to me how we felt like you're getting ripped off of that -- -- you know and so I said if if I group member -- -- -- some pints of -- Pomp and so that's just my own little personal thing and and I guess a lot of people agree they like it. So that's that's why we stuck with that size that -- you know it's I never really thought about it but it's true if you buy a case of -- is expected -- what -- twelve ounce Beers. And you sit down with a pint glass and you pour the beer of the grass it's like almost it's almost beyond disappointing that there's that much air than crab -- yes. I got over another wanna do that we we spoke on the way and that I have we've. -- common -- glass is sort of glass and -- a little -- about halfway up and hold about 121 ounces when you pour the sixteen ounce beer into we're doing over my IP needs -- Yeah actually have to support carefully. Because it will it'll it'll -- topic -- with a twelve -- in twelve ounce can virtual -- can you can fired and -- no matter what you do doesn't go over the top but up. They can I think is a great choice to sixteen ounce size I think it's a great choice we talked about -- packaging blocks a light. Oh yeah they can drop bombs it's a recycling stories assorted green environmental story I just think it's a great thing and the president -- in a bar fight yeah how. Well yeah I mean really really. Baseball stadiums football stadiums golf scene -- on the beach I mean it really is a great pact definitely and the great Beers in the grade I just plow share Porter and resolution right stuff from -- -- brewing Damian how far is the brew master -- excellent -- think. This morning awesome thanks for ammunition. -- Q it's all -- by crew goes Georgetown Delhi and feared they are voted any PA's largest and that's craft beer selection in northeastern Pennsylvania. And it's open seven days a week 11 AM to 11 PM its approval through three and -- looks very township right thanks to the big -- -- nearby is bringing good Beers and good people together. And I would walk down the street. Yet the other day. Went to that the women -- out and walked my way. Once. And it. Goes you. And I thought that and so. Wasn't. Everybody you know. -- That's the whole creation. Hopefully you know -- He's got a -- moment. Even in this time. It's great the team. Then called -- to be if you. -- I didn't.