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Corbett Cam Episode 1

Mon, 11 Nov 2013|

Seek the Truth with Corbett Cam!


  1. grand master1:29
  2. City Hall1:59, 0:52
  3. ugly head3:24

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We will reach certain. -- -- Your break. Don't feel good. It does some good. -- -- Better list. Important. This is video. Let's unleash some -- true. You think your right. If you put. Some good word for a City Hall right. And look what that says. That's just -- this bill today. Asking you. We will. The municipality building. After the election we got an election coming up the election it's. The Marist -- Deserves to be the marriage. What I'm not one of these bears split either -- poor right grand master or. Again also known -- Jim. That's the flag of the city it's -- Insignia is on. Three symbols. And that's why I'm really sure what the symbols -- Not really sure what the symbol. If you can get a look at it. Come on the City Hall to check. Whose homes have been picked -- There's no better symbol right now for the city's rent that it did finish most phones have been -- Winner at the next. Maybe not send their children play -- Are you want a bigger -- threat. Note that struck out that's not good in the series. Where everything is patty's day -- the drinks are free okay that's a lot. Why he's. Six insidious. We talk about Clinton politics earlier I told you about unleashing raw truth makes them all much. Won't soon. There's an. It's time. -- it's not good for children and other living things are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Corruption. Once again rears its ugly head here's -- -- marriage do. Which of these factors to consider it doesn't wanna pay to play in this political cesspool. Know as well. All let's look over here. Do you want action script. You want them to us. -- -- And I -- liberty to say. Next. Next mayor's. Would look. -- -- Better list.